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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  January 12, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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don't forget we have private school, government and business delays and closings on our web site at and running at the bottom of our screen throughout our newscast. >> ok, monika samtani will have traffic in a moment. >> one more school to add to that. st. mary's county in southern maryland, you guys are on a two hour delay today. st. mary's county, two hour delay. as far as are concerned now, we're done with the storm. an isolated snow shower or two out there. today, it will be a cold and windy day. behind the storm, the winds are going to kick at times gusting over 30 miles per hour. the day planner showing temperatures will be rising into the 30s. mid-30s by noon. we'll top off 36, 37. but the winds will top off maybe over 30 miles per hour. the wind chills staying in the 20s. we have 28. sunrise not until 7:26. here is from the weather watchers. down at patuxent river. there is a little seed of ice
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in spots on the back roads. 30 degrees at patuxent river. tappahannock airport, national, 28. culpepper, 27. you see mid-20s now from gaithersburg up through frederick and hagerstown where there were two to three inches of snow from montgomery, frederick to carroll county from the moisture that moved through last night. really didn't get going until about 5:00, 5:30. about 9:00, 10:00 hour, we had our burst of snow. you can see that's all pulled away up toward new england where it is snowing to beat the band out there. just an isolated snow shower, too. want to go over live doppler 9000 hd before we get to traffic. montgomery county, east of 270 headed toward olney, southeastern prince george's county, northwestern calvert, a little tiny flurry, snow shower down there. it is 5:01. monika samtani, how slick are things? >> where we want to be most cautious are the bridges, overpasses, ramps.
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icy spots you may encounter on the roadways. the major thoroughfares have been treated overnight. you'll find those to be ok. we'll take you over to the beltway on the south side of town. telegraph road, an accident involving an overturned tractor trailer and a major fuel spill. you'll have to use the express lanes until about 10:00 this morning. as that cleanup continues throughout the morning and we'll keep you posted on that situation of course. let's go over to the big picture. things otherwise look ok on the north side of town. we'll zoom in to 270. and take a live look at father hurley boulevard. it is not looking bad as you head in from frederick to germantown and down into rockville and the beltway across the american legion bridge. nice and light this morning now, we'll take a look at the travel times, inbound 76 is 10 minutes. the toll road coming in from 674 to the beltway, 7 minute ride. we'll update you on the accident south of town and also take a look at the toll road at 5:10. back to you guys.
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>> thank you, monika. while most of us didn't see much snow, there are still, as howard and monika are telling us, plenty of slick spots to be found. >> as the commuters start to hit the roads this morning, we'll keep an eye on things for you as is our own surae chinn checking out the conditions in silver spring this morning. not so bad so far, right, surae? >> so far, so good. we're in the four corners area of silver spring. be careful as you head outside. this is what you may encounter. snow-covered signs. here at cole'sville road. things are picking up as we head into the rush hour. so far, so good. you can tell the roads, reflection that it is wet, slick outside. you may have to worry about black ice because we are talking about below the freezing mark. of course, the ramps, overpasses, all freeze over first. as you head out to your car, this is what you may encounter
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as well. snow-covered cars and all you have to do is just sweep it off here. it shows you pretty well some of the snow. just dust that off. do your neighbor and drivers a favor, dust off the roof of the car if the snow has accumulated some. they'll definitely thank you. you may need the ice scraper, too, because there is some ice on the windshield. go ahead and scrape that off, too. montgomery county on a two hour delay. hopefully parents, that will give you a little bit more time to get to your destination and head out to where you need to go. so far, looking ok. we'll continue to monitor the situation here in maryland. mike, andrea? >> thank you, surae. >> as monika mentioned a few moments ago, there is an overturned tractor trailer and a fuel spill shutting down part of the outer loop on the beltway. >> it is a big mess. whether or not the initial accident is weather-related, it could force drivers on to icy alternate routes all this morning. 9news now reporter jessica doyle is live at the scene with more on the big mess and the cleanup. good morning. >> good morning, guys.
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this is likely going to be a problem throughout the morning here. as you were saying, we're here on 495 eastbound. that's because the through lanes have been closed this morning. let me draw your attention to what's on the ground right by my feet. this is part of the bumper from the tractor trailer that got in an accident. it essentially hit the divide between the local and the through lanes. you can see the fiberglass torn away from the impact of this accident. take a look at the scene behind me. what you're going to see is the trailer on a flatbed. there are also road construction crews treating the roadway because of the fuel spill and the icy conditions this morning. let me tell you a little bit about the fuel spill and let's take a look at some pictures from earlier this morning. what you're going to see, crews, you have a hazmat team, fire, ems and state police on the scene. that fuel from the tractor trailer truck soaked into the pavement. they've been treating all morning long to get these lanes back open.
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now, we hear they may have to mill the pavement down to get all of the fuel out of the pavement so that these lanes are safe for drivers yet again. that's why we hear that it could be 10:00 before the lanes reopen. so, that's going to continue to be a problem for folks this morning. we do hear that the driver did not have injuries and we hear that it is unclear whether or not the weather in the situation contributed to this accident here on the beltway. just to repeat, 495 eastbound after telegraph road, through lanes will be closed this morning. you'll want to plan some alternate routes. with that, guys, i'll throw it back to you in the studio. >> stay safe out there. many people across the area made a stop at the hardware store as you might image ton pick up supplies for the impending snowstorm. and in bethesda, a steady stream of customers yesterday. people stocking up on the basics of course, shovels, salt and scrapers. >> people are not forgetting what happened to them last
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year. and they're trying to prevent that panic to purchase before the snow hits. >> employees also say that they are selling more snowblowers this year in anticipation of the snow after dealing with what was the deal last year. >> hopefully that will keep us safe from the big one. >> the metro washington airport authority says its snow teams have been keeping runways in service at both dulles and national airports. however, that does not mean your flight hasn't been delayed or canceled. the boards at national last night showed plenty of late- arriving planes or flights that never got off the ground at all. the best bet is to check with your airline before heading out and you can check with us for the latest road and airport conditions. even when the television isn't close by. just log on to and click on the traffic tab. today on the hill, congressional lawmakers will be attending meetings about their security. >> but in the meantime, there is new progress to report for congresswoman gabrielle
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giffords. >> some arlington residents wondered briefly if they were under attack after a neighbor's car exploded. we'll explain and we'll be right back.
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we have generally quiet conditions out there. although, i do want to show you live doppler 9000 hd in southern maryland. one area of flurries and snow showers. pushing through parts of charles county now into northern talbert county. and also between mechanicsville, you have a couple of snow flurries out there. it is quiet. it is going to be a chilly and windy day with sunshine. mid 30s by noon. and winds gusting over 30.
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monika samtani over to you. >> inbound on the dulles toll road, we'll fly in from herndon to tyson. over the main toll plaza. lanes are open in virginia. coming up, we'll update you on the accident on the beltway in alexandria at 5:15. mike? >> thank you, monika. making news at 5:10, there is progress to report this morning for congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> doctors say representative giffords is now breathing on her own. however, they still don't know just how much damage was done by the bullet that went through her brain. the first memorial service, the six victims who died was held last night. tonight, president barack obama will speak at a public memorial at the university of arizona. prince george's county police are investigating their 11th and 12th homicides of the year. in college park, police say a masked gunman came into a house on 38th street near messerot road early yesterday and killed a university of maryland student. then last night in new carrollton, police say a
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homeowner shot and killed a would-be robber trying to break into his house. >> at first, some people thought a car bomb had exploded in an arlington county neighborhood. it happened on ninth street south near courthouse road. police say the owner of the destroyed bmw carried construction equipment in the trunk including some acetylene torches. no one was hurt. >> does that mean we're in the clear for the rest of the week? howard has your full forecast at 5:15. >> at 5:23, two local teens take their game to overtime. >> a local police chief wins her whistle blower lawsuit after six years. we'll be right back. you're watching 9news now.
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we're back with a look at delays and closings. hot off the presses in virginia... >> these schools are on a two- hour delay...
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>> in maryland, the schools are opening two hours late. they are... >> to west virginia now... >> of course, we have private school, government and business delays and closings on our web site at i'm pretty sure that prince william is on a two-hour delay. garrett county, we just got word they're closed. the snow is going to be flying out west in the mountains today, tonight and even tomorrow with the strong winds. but for us, frederick, virginia or maryland. frederick -- we're hearing that frederick is closed. i will get confirmation, maryland or virginia right now. with three plus inches across parts of frederick county, maryland, would not be surprised if frederick county, maryland -- yes, frideric, maryland, closed for today. frederick county, maryland.
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closed for today. >> the snow that hit us yesterday. it came in late in the afternoon. the evening was a mess. right through the early part of the night. by midnight though, it was gone. except this morning, we got a couple of snow flurries and snow showers left over. we're watching this on live doppler 9000 hd. now, we're really not seeing much at all. have the one flurry which came across loudoun county into montgomery county. that's what's left of it here. as it is passing just about through the triadelphia reservoir area. one or two snowflakes. in southern maryland, the other snow shower out of virginia. some snow into fairfax county with this. across prince george's and charles and around north beach, just south there, maybe a couple of snowflakes and even a few from mechanicsville down into parts of southern calvert county. very light flurries. that's all we're going to see i think for the rest of the day. your bus stop forecast, i have adjusted the temperatures considering a two
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hour delay. partly sunny and getting breezy if not windy. 27 to 34. sunrise at 7:26. sets at about 5:07. our day planner today, sun and clouds mixed out there. you'll notice the winds out of the west and northwest at 14, 17, 17 miles per hour. that's a sustained winds. gusts in the 30, maybe 35 range in spots. as temperatures top out 36, 37. but it clearly will not feel that nice. we're waiting for the winds to pick up here in town but out to the west, already gusting over 20 in winchester and martinsburg and cumberland and oakland where the snow is flying. westerly winds gusting to 33 miles per hour. 3,000 feet. so, you lift that cold air. you start squeezing the snowflakes. 28 in petersburg. leesburg though got down to 21. frederick is 25. you get the idea. anything that wasn't treated is still frozen solid. and slick. fredericksburg, still slick at 31. some of the rural areas back
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here. fauquier, culpepper county, they're very slippery. even down into the northern neck, heard from bill in newland, they have ice as well. partly cloudy at reagan national with a wind chill at 21. winds now south-southwest at 7. they're going to be turning to the west and northwest behind the big storm. now, a major winter storm up toward the north and the east. this thing is going to drop maybe upwards of two feet of snow in a couple of spots in massachusetts or connecticut. new york city almost done but they're around 10, 11 inches of snow there. 65 miles per hour or more out toward martha's vineyard and nantucket. with the northwesterly flow, you can imagine how the upslopes are going to persist in the next couple of days. the storm pulls away. we say relatively -- we stay relatively quiet for the next few days but windy. today and tomorrow, mid-30s. little chillier thursday. 34. friday only 33. could be a snow shower late saturday. but look at the warming trend. sunday and monday, lower 40s.
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i pushed them into tuesday. with a high of 47. it is 5:18. let's get some traffic updates with monica. >> we'll start off with the yellow light. we've been telling you this morning about a tractor trailer accident in alexandria. we'll start there. live on the outer loop of the beltway at telegraph road. it was an overturned tractor trailer on the outer loop at telegraph road. and because of the major fuel spill involved in this accident, authorities tell us they're going to be cleaning up there until about 10:00 this morning. in the meantime, you'll have to use the express lanes to get through here. let's take a look overall. things around town are looking ok except southside of town accident. if you're heading in northbound on i-95, you will be ok. volumes are still light i think because of the school delays, you'll probably find volumes lighter than normal early on this morning heading on 395. back to the maps, things look ok as you're heading in from the westside of town, inbound on i-66 and a live look
5:20 am
between route 29 here in centerville. light volumes all the way over to vienna and the beltway this morning. we'll take a look at the travel times north of town on the outer loop. 95 to 270. it is 11 minutes. 95 coming in from 216. 295 to the 11th street bridge, a 7 minute ride. in my next report, we'll take a fly of the bw parkway at 5:24. andrea, mike? >> our time right now, 5:20. the caps and wizards both needed overtime last night. >> we'll have more on the scoring bonanza at verizon center coming up next in sports. >> before we head to break, let's take another look at the question of the morning. >> according to "reader's digest," on average, we all consume between two and possibly ten of these per day. what are they? bugs? natural steroids or c, pesticides. put your guess on our facebook page. we'll reveal the answer in about a half hour. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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welcome back. 5:23. snow is just about gone. a couple of flurries over toward calvert county and st. mary's at the moment. temperatures running in the low 20s north to the upper 20s to around 30 south. we're going to see a mix of clouds and sunshine today. a cold day. 31 here by 9:00. noontime, we'll be above freezing but the winds will be gusting 30, maybe 35 miles per hour as we head through the afternoon. it will be dry -- dry and quiet but windy for the 5:00 p.m.
5:24 am
temp, 35. andrea and mike? >> taking a quick look at sports this morning, the capitals have become the best penalty killers in the nhl. >> until last night. unfortunately. caps on the road in florida against the panthers. they fall behind early 3-0. time for a comeback! alexanderrer ovechkin makes the assist. in the third period, marcus johansen takes the pass from hendrick and puts it in the net. to tie it at 3-0. a caps penalty gives the panthers a power play and they score the game winner. congratulations in order though for alexander ovechkin and mike green, named to the nhl all- star game! it is the first selection for green and the fourth for ove but because of new all-star format, it is possible they could end up on different teams. >> now to verizon center with the wizards hosting the kings. rookie missed the first game against sacramento earlier this year. he didn't miss much last week. wahl with 22 points, 9 rebounds
5:25 am
and six assists. this game went to overtime where nick young poured on the points. he scored 43 on the night. wizards win at home 136-133. thanks for waking up with us. we're going to run down the latest closings and delays up next. >> just because we didn't get a lot of snow doesn't mean you won't have extra work to do this morning. >> here's monika. >> an overnight accident on the outer loop of the beltway at telegraph road involving an overturned tractor trailer, authorities were telling us it would take until 10:00 a.m. to clean it up. it may be cleaned up in about a half an hour. we'll have more at 5:30 in my next report. you're watching 9news now. [ male announcer ] what's the future of broadcast tv?
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5:29 am
maryland which we just got. closed because of the snow this morning. these maryland schools are opening on a two-hour delay... >> now to virginia where these schools are closed. they're... while these virginia schools are on a two-hour delay this morning. >> to west virginia now, berkeley, grant, hampshire, hardy counties all open on a two-hour delay. jefferson county, west virginia, schools are closed. don't forget we have more delays on our web site at monika samtani will have our traffic in a moment. hopefully some good news to report there.
5:30 am
but we start with howard bernstein's weather first. >> a slow go for lots of folks this morning. temperatures still running in the 20s. even down south, wasn't nearly as much snow. just maybe a little -- some sleet and freezing rain. down in newland, down in st. mary's county, those areas have a little sheet of ice to contend with. sun will be out. winds howling. temperatures get up to 30 by noon. maybe 36, 37. we'll top out at the 35 degree temperature. the storm system itself has pulled away. delaware, maryland, virginia, d.c. no more advisories. advisories in new england. out west, strong winds behind the storm, we'll see quite a bit of snow across kentucky, west virginia, ohio, even western maryland and maybe one to two feet of snow in new
5:31 am
england. temperatures in the 20s, low to mid-20s but closer to 30 in our southern suburbs. it is 5:30. hello, monika. >> hello, howard. we're starting the report with a yellow light. an overnight accident happened at 2:00 this morning. live look on the outer loop of the beltway at telegraph road. it was an overturned tractor trailer and a major fuel spill. jessica doyle will have more on this in a few minutes on the accident on the outer loop at telegraph road. an accident at rockville westbound on darnestown road. this one is at shady grove road. that one just reported. watch out for police headed to the scene. westbound route 28 at shady grove road. let's take a look at the big picture. overall, things are looking ok. you want to be careful, especially on bridges, ramps and overpasses are icy conditions. we'll take a live look in the district on the inbound side of new york avenue, just a bit of volume picking up. roads have been treated. so, you should be ok. in the district. on potomac and anacostia river crossings as well.
5:32 am
marc, vre, metro, serving running on time. we'll take a look at major problems at 5:39. back to you guys. today on capitol hill, the focus will be on personal security for the lawmakers, their families and staffers. >> this morning, the sergeant at arms will start briefing groups of lawmakers on security. saturday's shooting in tucson has revived legislation to install a plexiglass wall in the house gallery separating lawmakers from the public. house members also plan to bring up a four-page resolution honoring congresswoman gabrielle giffords and the 19 other victims followed by a prayer service. well, the snow is really piling up on staten island, new york. here's how it looked overnight. the heavy snow is expected to continue there for another hour or so. the national weather service says new york city and the surrounding area could get up to a foot of snow, two possibly in connecticut. winter storm warnings in effect until at least this afternoon. >> even though the snow has moved out, most of the south,
5:33 am
it is still frozen over there. atlanta has been virtually shut down for the last two days, including mail delivery. georgia transportation officials are warning people not to drive in the northern half of the state. now, speaking of a driving mess, jessica doyle joins us live from the scene of the beltway shutdown this morning. jessica? >> reporter: good morning, andrea. eastbound section of 495 right past telegraph road. and what we've seen this morning is the through lanes have been closed because of an accident. joining us right now is sergeant jeremy hathland. you've been here briefing us about what happened. what happened with the accident this morning? >> about 1:45 a.m., a tracker trailer was traveling eastbound on 495, lost control of the truck and then struck the jersey wall. at that time, his diesel tank was ruptured. it spilled about 55els go of diesel fuel on the highway. >> that's a lot of diesel fuel. they've been working hard to get that up. there were concerns earlier you
5:34 am
would have to mill the pavement to get up all of the fuel but now it is not looking like the case. what did you use? what worked? what happened? >> vdot had a supervisor here and they determined they could absorb the chemical with some materials that they use and that was -- that, of course happened. they put sand down as well to get the rest of it up. it looks like at this point, we'll be opening the road in a few minutes. >> so, the road will open in a few minutes. what do we know about the driver in this situation? >> the driver was not injured in the crash. he has been charged with reckless driving. >> reporter: and do we know if weather was a factor in this accident this morning? >> it is not believed to be a factor in the crash. >> we want to thank you for joining us this morning. sergeant jeremy kaplan. so, to reframe this for you guy, the through ways are still closed. we see a back-up. we know the roadways will open up very shortly so that's going to help some of this back-up to actually dissipate. we're going to be here live all
5:35 am
morning long getting you the latest. with that, we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> thank you, jess. let's see how the drive is going in maryland now. >> some parts of the north and east of the district got a little more snow accumulation. 9news now reporter surae chinn is along u.s. 29 in silver spring with a look at conditions there. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. we're in the four corners area as you mentioned and you may need one of these for your car. your ice scraper. your car is going to look like this. it may be snow-covered right now. just scrape it off. not too bad. hopefully, check the roof of your car which will help other drivers. sweep that off as well. not too bad as you head out to your parking lot. and to your car. here on colesville road, traffic is picking up right now. it will be slick out there. there is concern over black ice. but for the most part, crews did a good job in treating the
5:36 am
roads with the brine and the salt sand mixture in the days heading into this event. so far, so good. we'll continue to monitor the situation, even the sidewalk here is clear. they put treatment mix as well. we're looking good on the maryland side. we'll continue to monitor the situation. a couple of snowstorms this season but our producer and i actually noticed this, too, when you go out, this is the first significant coating where some ice formed underneath the snow. if that holds true outside your home this morning, you're going to want to give yourself some extra time tonight. brush the snow off but get some scrapers out. >> some parking rates are actually going down. details on that coming up. >> plus, after six years of appeals, a judge has reinstated the fired u.s. parks police chief. qqq
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>> welcome back. this is a really pretty snowfall. it is kind of wet. not too windy. stuck to everything. but it is also a little bit of ice underneath it. as mike was talking about. a little slippery on the weather terrace. a cold morning. everything is frozen solid. today, we're going to have sunshine. still below freezing through the 9:00 hour. winds starting to kick up. those winds will be sustained 15, 20 miles per hour gusting 30 or more. noon, 36. we'll talk about snow totals in a few minutes. here's monika with timesaver traffic. >> a fly of the bw parkway. your lanes are open this morning. on the bw parkway. coming up in my mex report, we'll update you on the accidents on the outer loop of the beltway. >> thank you, monika. >> after seven years of appeals, teresa chambers could be reinstated as u.s. park police chief. chambers was fired in 2004
5:40 am
after commenting publicly about understaffing and underfunding. the interior department says chambers was insubordinate and failed to follow the chain of command but she sued under the federal whistle-blower protection act. chief chambers has been working as the police chief for riverdale park force in the interim. now a judge has reversed her dismissal. >> i think what's more important though is what does this say to other federal employees, civil servants who had to wonder it was ok to get fired for simply telling the truth. >> the judge's decision also awards chief chambers six years worth of back pay worth about $840,000. we called park police for reaction but they declined to comment. gas prices may be on the way up still but you can at least park for less in one county. arlington county will be experimenting with lower hourly parking rates. the county has about 400 metered spaces. about 180 are underused. the spaces are on the fringes of the commercial areas.
5:41 am
the rates should be lowered from $1 to $50 cents an hour by the -- to 50 cents an hour by the end of next month. >> we'll answer our question of the day coming up. >> we'll look at how cities in the northeast are trying to keep today's snowstorm from causing as many problems as their last blizzard. >> at 5:41, let's see who's celebrating a birthday today.
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5:44 am
ok. here we go. 5:44. time to run down the latest list of closings and delays again. we now have a couple of closures in maryland.
5:45 am
carroll, garrett and frederick as well as queen anne, county schools closed right now. these schools in maryland are on a two-hour delay. ... in virginia, where these schools are closed this morning... these virginia schools are on a two hour delay... to west virginia now... don't forget we, of course, have a list of private schools, government, business delays and the rest of the closings on our web site at here's howard and will we see the sun at all today?
5:46 am
>> sunshine today. >> morgantown, west virginia, also on a two hour delay. >> ok. >> d.c., as far as we know is on time. >> howard county, check the web site. haven't heard from them. we don't know yet on the status. >> call me. >> weatherwise, we had the storm yesterday. kind of got going a little bit late. when it came, it came in big up north especially. snow totals topping three inches. looking at radar over the past 12 hours, you can see the storm as it came in. really gave us our brunt of snow between 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. that's when most of the damage was done. by 10:35, still snowing on the bay and howard county pulling away from us. this morning, some isolated snow showers and flurries out there. want to take you to live doppler 9000 hd. frederick county, maryland because we're seeing a couple of very light flurries. you can see them here between frederick and hagerstown and meyersville coming down route 70. a couple stragging the border here in pennsylvania. that one in calvert county is out in the bay.
5:47 am
so, as we look at some of the snow totals, frederick, maryland, three inches. new market about 3.3. germantown,2.3. laurel, maryland, two inches. ballston, 1.2. south of washington, we didn't have that much snow but the combination of sleet and freezing rain, heard from bill in newland, jan in reedville, it is slippery. your bus stop forecast, i'm thinking a two hour delay for those areas, that's why temperatures by then should be upper 20s to low 30s. winds will be picking up under partly sunny skies. sunrise today at 7:26. the winds will be the factor. mix of sun and clouds. mid-30s for the afternoon. but the winds out of the west to northwest at 17, 18, 20 miles per hour with gusts 30, even 35. you're going to feel the chill on that one. 36, 37 for the high. by 8:00, we're back down to 31 degrees and the winds will be up all night.
5:48 am
so, the outside story. definitely lots of slick spots this morning. also, if you don't usually grab sunglasses, consider it today because with the snow on the ground from d.c. north, the glare factor is going to be a problem. wiper fluid, fill it up! you'll be using a lot of it. winds will be with us tonight and thursday as well. 18 in reston. cold spots this morning. manassas is 27. 23 in columbia. 27 at andrews. here in washington, we've got 28 degrees. partly cloudy skies. a wind chill of 21 and the winds right now only at 7. out toward the shenandoah valley, the winds are picking up and gusting over 30 in western maryland. gusting 30 to 40 across parts of the northeast. near 60 at martha's thin yard. i was reading a report. 2 to 4 inches an hour in western connecticut with that band. for us, we've got the sun and clouds mixed ax little wind today. colder with less wind on friday. 33. may see a snow shower over the
5:49 am
weekend on saturday. but warming trend by monday and tuesday in the 40s and rain showers, just rain and 47 on tuesday. here is monika with the latest timesaver traffic. >> i like how being in the 40s means a warming trend. >> we're talking about an accident this morning on the outer loop of the beltway south of town. we'll take you there live on the outer loop at telegraph road. this accident happened at 2:00 this morning involving an overturned tractor trailer and a major fuel spill. authorities are there working pretty fast. they tell us it should be cleared up sometime in the 6:00 hour here on the outer loop of the beltway. in the meantime, you want to use the local lanes to get through that if you're heading out the door right now. we'll take a look now in rockville. a live picture here westbound darnestown road at shady grove road. the flashing lights here, westbound route 28 is blocked. follow direction to get around that. we'll keep you posted on that situation. overall, let's take a look at a map. things are looking fine around town. we'll zoom in now to the outer loop of the beltway north of town. take a look here. between 95 and 270.
5:50 am
you're doing ok. if you are traveling there, just the volume picking up now between university boulevard and georgia avenue with all of your lanes open. of course, all of the major thoroughfares have been treated this morning. let's take a look at the travel times. on the inbound side of i-66, take a look at the travel times, 7100 to the beltway, 11 minutes. beltway, 395 to the toll road is 19 minutes and the toll road, 674 to the beltway, a six minute ride. coming up in my next report, we'll update you on the accidents in the area at 6:01. back to you guys. >> making news now at 5:50 this morning, authorities in western new york are doing their best to keep the throughway open this time around. in the big storm late last  month, throughway came to a screeching halt because the road conditions were so bad. this time, crews concentrated on pretreating the roads hopefully so they can keep the highways open there. >> new jersey is also hoping not to get slammed as badly this time around. salt trucks in mt. holly started pretreating roads monday even though the snow
5:51 am
hadn't started until late last night. some parts of new jersey are expected to get a foot of snow before the system moves away. some homeowners along the northeast coast are especially concerned about this storm. the seawall in scituate, massachusetts, showed many cracks and gaps after last month's blizzard. homeowners are worried the high winds, heavy snow could make this storm a big problem and leave their houses uninhabitable. >> on a lighter note, it is 5:51. time to anticipate our question of the morning. >> this was an interesting one. according to "reader's digest," on average, we all consume between 2 and 10 of these every day. is it... >> the scary thought no matter what the answer is but we were right on this one. the answer is c, pesticides. >> ok. a year ago today, stunning reports started coming in. >> we'll talk live to a red cross worker in haiti about the on-going earthquake relief effort. dinner's ready!
5:52 am
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. 5:54. the snow is gone. temperatures by 9:00, still in the 20s to our north. we'll be around 31.
5:55 am
we'll get through the freezing mark midmorning and by noontime, mix of sun and clouds windy. 36. sometimes the winds will gust over 30 miles per hour. on the bay. annapolis, 33. 35 for came bridge, midday. for the film drive home, 35 in washington. mike and andrea? >> the reports started coming in the afternoon of january 12, 2010. >> haiti was already the poorest nation in the americas when it was rocked by the devastating earthquake. one year later, the red cross is still offering massive amounts of assistance to the more than one million displaced people. >> joining us live now is julie, part of relief effort in part. >> prince. thank you for -- in port. >> prince. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> first question, a lot of us here in america, our hearts went out to people in haiti. we all participated in fund- raising efforts. some estimates, $400 million went to the red cross to help. how is relief going so far?
5:56 am
>> well, first of all, we want to thank the american public for its generosity. donors large and small. really, you know, responded in a wonderful way. and we want everyone to know that their dollars really are making a difference here in haiti. you know, your first impression when you look across port-au- prince, the sun is just coming up here this morning, it still looks like devastation everywhere. piles of rubble. people living under tarps and tents. we really are seeing signs of progress. the american red cross sent a large chunk of money early on on emergency relief. that was keeping people alive essentially. getting tarps and tents over their heads, getting them food. providing clean drinking water. mass immunization campaign to prevent the spread of disease. we've been moving into more of a recovery month and that means doing things like building more
5:57 am
stable, secure homes for people. we'll continue to do that in the months ahead. we're also working to keep hospitals open and helping rebuild the prosthetic center among other things. so, we're working on many fronts and really slowly but surely are seeing tangible signs of progress. >> you talked about how little progress it looks like around you. do you feel as if you're taking one step forward and two steps back because of the impact of the cholera epidemic? >> it really does feel like that sometimes. i mean haiti was a very disaster-prone place before this earthquake. and the last year has seen more than its share of additional disasters. the cholera outbreak which you mentioned, started in late october. it has already claimed about 3500 lives. and more than 100,000 people have been hospitalized. it has spread throughout the country. our response was immediate.
5:58 am
and on many fronts, we're helping support cholera treatment centers. we have a large -- education campaign. we actually have teams of our staff who go out and literally are going tent by tent through the camps, talking to the haitian people will about how they can prevent col ra. it is an easily preventible disease. it also can be film easily treated but there was so little knowledge about it in haiti before the outbreak started. so, yes, it has been an additional challenge. but you know, part of what we do is try to respond to the situation as they evolve and we try to be as flexible as possible. >> julie, american red cross president told 9news last year the red cross would be there for the long haul. >> how long? how long is this going to take? when we said haiti was already in bad shape before the earthquake? >> it is a good question. and i think is important to remember what haiti look like,
5:59 am
you know, before this earthquake happened. it was poorest country in the western hemisphere. 3/4 of the population lived on less than $2 a day. half the population of port-au- prince didn't even have access to latrines. so, it was starting -- in a very -- you know, weak position. it is going to take many years for this city and this country to rebuild. the american red cross is committed to being here until every donated dollar is spent. that could be another three to five years. we just don't know. but this is a long-term process. and we're committed to staying here. >> julie sell from the american red cross. thank you for all of the work you're doing in haiti. godspeed. >> thank you for watching 9news now, it is now 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. we have a list of school closings and delays and here we go! >> it


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